DIY Abalone Seashell Ornaments

Because I love seashells and enjoy a little crafting, I created a super simple, no sew – no glue seashell ornament, using white pearlized Abalone Shells, and a soft blue and green ribbon.

Abalone shells are so delicate and so beautiful, they really don’t need to be overworked, plus they already have holes! Similar ribbon and shells are available on Etsy, and of course you can really use any color ribbon you like.

Step 1: Gather your Supplies

White pearlized Abalone Shells
3/8″ ribbon in whatever color you like.
Straight Pin

Step 2: Measure a 14″ length of ribbon. I normally put a couple of pieces of tape on the table to serve as a guide.

Step 2: Fold the ribbon in half.

Step 4: From the front of the shell, feed a corner of the fold into the highest solid hole and use a straight pin to catch it.

Step 5: Pull about 1 1/2″ of the loop of the ribbon through with the pin.

Step 6: Flip the shell over, and feed the two ends through the loop.

Step 7: Gently tighten the loop by pulling the ends. Be careful – the shell can break if you pull too hard. It can be easier to pull a little, wiggle the ribbon a little and so on.

Step 8: Tie a simple knot about 1 inch from the end, and trim the ribbons neatly with a diagonal cut. Once you’ve done the first one, use that as your guide for where to tie the knot. (In the photo below, the top one needs to be trimmed.)

Hang them on your tree, use them as a gift tie-on or just keep them anywhere you’ll enjoy them!