Easter 2022

This year I wanted to try something I’d seen on Pinterest for our Easter table. No other holiday allows you to incorporate fresh veggies into your decorations quite like Easter.

I love the idea of using carrots with green tops in a flower arrangement, so I bought a couple of bunches of carrots, some gorgeous radishes and some bright mums. Assembly was simple and our guests seemed to get a kick out of them.

Easter Carrot/Flower Arrangements

Carrots, Radishes and Flower for our Easter Brunch.

For each centerpiece you’ll need:

1 bunch carrots with green tops
1 rubber band
a tall clear vase
5-6 stems of bright, sturdy flowers

I kept the carrots and tops in water overnight, thinking it would keep them green and fresh – and it did. But in the morning after putting them in vases, I noticed the carrot tops were floppy and getting dry after an hour or so. So I took them out, cut off the greens, secured them with a rubber band and put them back in the top of the vase with the cut ends in water. That worked a lot better and they perked back up.

To assemble, place the carrots around the outside edge of a taller vase. Place the cut carrot tops in the center, rubber band and all. Cut flowers to the correct height and poke down in the middle of the carrots.

Mini Radish Centerpieces

Who says you can’t use Radishes as flowers?

The radishes were just such a vibrant red and the greens so pretty!

For each mini centerpiece, you’ll need:
1 bunch radishes with wire or rubber band still on
1 wide soup bowl

Cut off any visible paper tag from the bunch, but don’t take the rubber band or wire off. Keep the greens and radishes in a bowl of water over night to keep the greens fresh. In the morning, shake off excess water and place the radishes upside down on the soup bowls. Don’t need to add water or anything – they’ll keep for several hours.