Mango Trifle

Inspired by the Great British Bake Off to try some new flavors – I made Mango Trifle for Samir’s birthday dinner last night. The recipe is very easy and so delicious.


2-3 cups of cake (angel food or yellow cake, unfrosted) cut into 2″chunks
14 oz (or more) frozen mango pulp
2 Tbsp rum
Rich Vanilla Cardamom Custard
whipped cream
fresh mango chunks

Place cake in the bottom of a large bowl or clear trifle dish. (Be a bit neater if using a clear trifle dish.) Cut frozen mango into 1/2″ chunks and lightly toss with rum. Place on top of cake. Pour cooled Rich Custard over fruit and cake and refrigerate at least a couple of hours until lightly set. Top with whipped cream and fresh mango chunks just before serving.

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